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Trained as a photographer and visual maker [the Glasgow School of Art (2017-2021) and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2019)], I apply this visual sensibility to multiple mediums, particularly through their relationship to light. I create staged scenes for still and moving image, collaborate with dance and theatre groups, and lead creative workshops for young audiences, in playful approaches which combine fabrication and improvisation, and which often engage conversation connecting our everyday stories and myth. 

I especially like to engage raw materials as mediators between people or worlds. This practice seeks to foster porosity between the human and the nonhuman, interweaving visual arts and performance, organic and oneiric realms in the process. My affection to give life to shadows and objects, with a hint of magic and animism, has eventually found its distilled form of expression in the language of puppetry. 

I am currently based between Glasgow (Scotland)  and Geneva (Switzerland).

For more information, including CV, prints for sale, service hire and any other inquiry, please get in touch. 

All images © 2013-2022 Ella Josephine Campbell