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Selection of photography documents from video-performances. 

Text Pieces

Butterfly piece

You live inside a fishbowl; butterflies live inside your head. 
Spread and pour the butterflies onto your surroundings into outside space.
Take back the butterflies onto the outside of yourself.
Absorb the butterflies into your inner space again,
Home. Inner-outer space.
Loop it.
 Ground piece

Butterflies are on the space. You are on the space. Butterflies are on you.
It is unclear which came first.
Your body stretches with and against the ground. You lie, you sleep, you die, you may fall, you may have fallen.
Life happens. Around, despite, because.

Knit Piece

Knit your own hair.
Smoke Piece

Smoke, while covering your head with a fishbowl.
Shelter yourself from outer space, choke the inner space. Shelter the outer space.
Limit, extend your space.
Let your vision be blurred.
Expanding while fading

Bone piece

Carry bones.
Carry a container of bones.
Wait for something. Wait at a stop. Stop for transport. Stop to go. Stop.
Keep waiting.
Laundry piece

Roll your clothes into dirt, into soil. Clean them.
Put them to dry.
Compress the time frame. Get confused in the process. Confuse the process.

Sewing piece

Partner with someone or partner with yourself.
You, I. Interchangeable.
You sew two pieces of sheet together. I rip them apart.
And give them back to you. Sew, again.
Dish piece

Break dishes.
Whenever, wherever you are.
However you are.
Just break them.

All images © 2013-2022 Ella Josephine Campbell