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Wood Sprite is a long term project, and it is my final graduation work from the Glasgow School of Art, 2021. 
This project, involving puppetry, sculpture, performance and visual techniques, encompasses two main outcomes: a short film and a series of photographs (see also project under Stage Photography). 

The short film ‘Wood Sprite’ utilises video and stop-motion, as well as performing techniques from marionette to shadow puppetry and life-size, embodied puppets. In the form of a tale, it depicts the origin journey of a wooden puppet to the forest. The sentient woods absorb this being into the night, allowing her and the puppeteer, in a mirroring game, into a realm of dissolution of all forms, matter and spirit. This film honours the union of nature and culture, and the porosity attuning human and more-than-human creatures, at a time where the stillness of the theatre stage forces us to enquire outwards – or, truly, inwards.
Fabrication, Puppeteering & Filmmaking | Ella Josephine Campbell
Pine Sprite Performance and Dance | Solene Schnuriger & Ella Josephine Campbell
Music | ‘ I’ll Read You a Story ’ by Colleen, Written by Cecile Schot (SACEM), Used Courtesy of Cecile Schot

All images © 2013-2022 Ella Josephine Campbell